Conference rooms

Le Salon M├ętropole
Conference Hall

The platform for holding business events of wide scope: conferences, online trainings, training seminars, presentations, TV-bridges, etc. Round table meetings provide for business talks, while the organization of a business breakfast allows holding important meetings in an informal atmosphere.The hall has all necessary conditions for holding business events of both the regional and state levels, in particular diplomatic receptions of high-level delegations from Ukraine and Europe.

GALAGO multimedia business centre

The GALAGO multimedia business centre is for 30 people and includes two locations: a conference room and a media centre. The conference room is a platform for various events: meetings, press conferences, online conferences, webinars, seminars, workshops, training sessions, assemblies, business forums. The media centre provides guests with free 24-hour computer facilities, Internet connection and other amenities necessary for work.

Zhupanatsky Meeting Hall

The Zhupanatsky Meeting Hall is a new office space for meetings, conferences and business talks: a spacious hall for negotiations is connected with a work area by a common corridor. Both halls are equipped with the appropriate technical means, and are suitable both for day-to-day events and projects that provide for long-term use of office space. The table for negotiations in the Zhupanatsky Hall is intended for 6 people, the work area is equipped for 4 people. The Zhupanatsky Hall is complemented by a balcony that overlooks the central square of the town, which adds to the atmosphere of the business centre.

London VIP Hall

Full privacy and confidentiality of information exchange is provided by the London VIP Hall. The elegant and cozy room is fitted with the appropriate technical equipment for holding such status events as closed meetings, negotiations with partners and signing of agreements. It can accommodate up to 12 people.

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