New Year 2021

New Year's Eve 2021 at the legendary Old CONTINENT restaurant is an author's New Year's menu filled with amazing flavors, richness and variety of dishes; four different in mood and design of the hall, as well as a relaxed holiday atmosphere in the company of loved ones.


Ceremony of the New Years Tree Lighting

Christmas and New Year at the Hotel Old CONTINENT is a charming time, a period of holidays that carry the spirit of eternal values ​​and family traditions. Each year in early December, honouring the customs of most countries of the world and creating our own, we solemnly begin the season of winter holidays with the New Year’s tree lighting ceremony. This year a charming event was held with the support of a large-scale lighting installation that impressed with special effects. Guests warmed themselves up not only with warm emotions, but also with fragrant mulled wine. Especially for children, confectioners of the Restaurant prepared Christmas sweets. The period of winter holidays is officially opened at the Hotel Old CONTINENT!


Halloween Night

For fans of humorous horror on October 31, in the Restaurant Old CONTINENT  hosted Halloween Night: a mysterious photo area, a professional photo shoot, melodies from horror movies and original cocktails.