VIP Catering Old CONTINENT is a service without any territorial restrictions, the organization of a visiting event of any subject at the highest level. The speed, mobility, flexibility, responsiveness and individual approach to each order are the hallmarks of VIP Catering OC. Regardless of the location, in places where it would seem impossible to imagine an exclusive event, the Restaurant Old CONTINENT always guarantees an impeccable service, the author's dishes, a service at the Restaurant level of the four-star Hotel.

The full range of catering services from the Old CONTINENT includes not only catering in various formats, such as receptions of top officials, wedding and corporate banquets, stand-up or cocktail parties, but also providing catering services on board the chartered airplanes. Avia catering OC is a VIP-meal for the crew and passengers of airliners that meet high standards of on-board catering.

Special events, special atmosphere, special service – all this is VIP Catering Old CONTINENT.

Telephone for ordering: +380312669377

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