Esthetic Gym


The Esthetic Gym is an area for optimal results from workouts.

The Esthetic Gym occupies more than 100 sq.m. and is designed for those who are in love with sports and value a healthy lifestyle. In the light space of the hall, equipped with the latest fitness trends, there is everything you need to meet the requirements of both amateurs and professional athletes. Here is the area of ​​cardioversites and strength loads; a zone for work with free weights and stretching is also found here. In its arsenal, the Esthetic Gym has 5 cardio and more than 10 power functional simulators, free weights with a wide range of dumbbells, professional bars and various fitness accessories. There is a professional instructor in the gym, who will provide an individual approach and develop a personal training programme for each visitor. Motivating fitness videos on screens and tailor-made workout music complement the atmosphere.

For fans of fresh air and active running, the Hotel recommends a morning jog along the linden alley of the embankment, located 20 meters from the Hotel. The landscapes of the embankment open the picturesque views and give a great pleasure from the combination of useful and enjoyable.

Another great opportunity of the active time of the day is a bicycle service, which will give you exceptional impressions of visiting the town, its ancient streets and architectural monuments.

Esthetic Gym – STAY FIT!

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